Make Your Own Design

Make Your Own Design

Creation of tools to Make Your Own Design at Sri.Jewelry is in progress.

Proposed features are listed below.

  • Choose type of jewelry.
  • Choose base metal, purity.
  • Choose weight, size, length etc.
  • Choose additives like stones, pearls etc.
  • Choose standard design objects from gallery.
    • Or create a design object using standard shapes in library.
    • Or create a new shape using freeform drawing board.
  • Choose or fill color and/or pattern where applicable.
  • Take photo or upload photo of intended user of jewelry being designed so that the designed object can be superimposed on the photo to see how it looks.
    • Alternatively superimpose the design on artificially generated mannequin based on input body measurements and with choice of attire and accessories.
  • Input budget amount and show difference continuously (as suggested by Radha Krishna).
  • Choice of compensation as royalty or discount coupons to brand stores (% not decided yet – open to suggestions).

Please feel free to suggest feature(s) using the comment form below.

2 Replies to “Make Your Own Design”

  1. Can I input budget amount to show how much or what all I can buy? Like when I keep adding objects, it should check against budget and highlight difference. That would be very helpful.


    1. That’s a great suggestion. We will certainly incorporate it.

      Please subscribe to updates if you haven’t already.

      Thank you.

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